till vår flygskola och flygbutik.
Lär dig flyga gyrokopter och helikopter!


aserad på Köpings flygfält är vi den flygskola för gyrokopter som ligger närmast Stockholm.


i är återförsäljare för ELA gyrokopter som tillverkas i Spanien - gyrokopterns hemland och den Belgiska ultralätta Dynali Helikoptern.


veka inta att kontakta oss om du har frågor eller önskar att beställa en offert för gyrokopter eller helikopter.
- vi finns här för dig.



Otroligt manövrerbara maskiner. Inte ett flygplan, inte en helikopter...
Det är en Gyrokopter!

helikopter ultralätt


Vi är återförsäljare för den ultralätta helikoptern Dynali som just nu sätter standarden bland UL helikoptrar.

gyro training


Gyrokopterutbildning enligt den officiella handboken från KSAB. Välkommen till oss för en provlektion i gyrokopter.


 Eclipse ELA gyrokopter
Den här gyrokoptern kan bli din till sommaren!

NYA ELA ECLIPSE Den bästa gyrokoptern på marknaden. Nu med sommarkit som standard!

Vi erbjuder utbildning för dig som är absolut nybörjare eller för dig som redan flyger men vill prova något annat. Vi genomför inflygning och licenskonvertering. Några tidigare elever flyger faktiskt Boeing 737 som yrke.

PROVFLYG Gyrokopter hos oss. Ring eller maila för mer information. Priset är 1500 kr.

Om du funderar på att köpa en gyrokopter eller helikopter kan vi erbjuda dig flera alternativ. De gyrokoptrar som vi förordar är den spanska gyron ELA. ELA finns i fyra olika modeller allt från den enkla Juniormodellen till den fullutrustade ELA 07S med Turbomotor.

Helikopter Ultralätt Dynali H3 från Belgien
Vi är stolta över att kunna presentera Dynali helikopter. En ultralätt helikopter som finns i två versioner. En med max totalvikt på 450 kg och en med max totalvikt på 700 kg. Både otroligt läckra, välbyggda och beprövade. Priset är en tredjedel av vad en Robinson R22 kostar. Valet är ditt!

Tveka inte att kontakta oss för att ta reda på mer om hur du blir en pilot med en egen gyrokopter eller helikopter.


  • Semi-enclosed, Subaru-powered, single-seat gyro from Gyro-Tech in Poland. Any thoughts? Image: http://gyrotech.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/20150611_095803-e1438288135264.jpg N.

  • Need help. Am trying to complete registration of revolution mini 500B in NZ but need a flight manual to complete process. Does anyone know where I can get this?

  • A friend of mine helped an elderly gentleman (recently departed) who gave him this Gyro that was tucked away in one of his buildings. It looks very well made and seems to have quite a few flights, judging by the tires. Rotor head and gas tank are missing but looks complete apart from that. ...

  • It seems the old I know how to fly cause I can, still happens, the beautiful gyro in my avatar, my faithful Ol work horse of near 2000hrs is no more, well I presume it at least will never look like it did again. Just goes to show try help someone out and sell it cheap, and they after promising to...

  • I have been planning on finding a local CFI to see how much I enjoy gyros. I'm guessing their rates are based on a longer flight + making the time to show up for "just you." How are the rates when you go to a huge festival like Benson Days? are they cheaper, but you have to stand in line for...

  • On a Rotax engine,how many of you had an ignition failure in the air on a pointless ignition ? Not bad wiring, blown fuse or bad switch. A bad cdi, coil ,stator or trigger. Since the new CDI Ignition came out I have only heard of one stator go bad and was repairable, from a loose wire.

  • Just curious how most people got their spouse on-board with them flying a gyro. In addition to what could be seen as a death defying sport there is also the cost and time involved.

  • i can not find any markings on this (actually 2 tanks) tank. No markings as to maker, origin. NaDa. Have a little problem with cap.

  • this is not a serious / I'm going to buy tomorrow / kind of post... it's more a day-dreaming first post to the forum trying to find out what to set my sites on (even if they are years away). My question is this. I really like the two seat side by side gyros. I have never even flown in a gyro...

  • It seems all the new euro gyros come with a Rotax 914 (or 912) engine. Looking through some of the on line adds, it seems plenty of used 160 to 200 hp Lycoming and Continental engines are available at far less cost then a Rotax. I'm curious if there are any modern gyros using a Lycoming or...

  • Hi all. Sorry to hijack a rotary forum for a dirty old fixed with Rans S12 pusher! I do have a Heli PPL so its not all doom and gloom!:) But im getting despirate and needing outside ideas from others using the 582's. Sooo, after no touching of anything engine related, 2 months ago a fellow pilot...

  • does anyone know how to seal embedded fittings on raf new style seat tank to stop leaking.

  • Cute Story about rescue dogs being taught to fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGcyier95sw&spfreload=10 enjoy Mark

  • Hi everyone, I am in the process of installing new fuel lines on my Gyrobee. The gas tank (pictured) has some vertical tubing that appears to bridge the top/bottom of the tank. Should this tubing be replaced? What is it's function? Thanks! Image:...

  • The ELA, Apollo,AR1 ,MTO, Calidus, Cavalon, Xenon, Titanium explorer, SC2, Magni..... If I had the money & they all cost exactly the same..... What would make me choose one over the others ? I like SxS , so I like the Cavalon. I like to be able to take the doors off. I also like the...