till vår flygskola och flygbutik.
Lär dig flyga gyrokopter och helikopter!


aserad på Köpings flygfält är vi den flygskola för gyrokopter som ligger närmast Stockholm.


i är återförsäljare för ELA gyrokopter som tillverkas i Spanien - gyrokopterns hemland och den Belgiska ultralätta Dynali Helikoptern.


veka inta att kontakta oss om du har frågor eller önskar att beställa en offert för gyrokopter eller helikopter.
- vi finns här för dig.



Otroligt manövrerbara maskiner. Inte ett flygplan, inte en helikopter...
Det är en Gyrokopter!

helikopter ultralätt


Vi är återförsäljare för den ultralätta helikoptern Dynali som just nu sätter standarden bland UL helikoptrar.

gyro training


Gyrokopterutbildning enligt den officiella handboken från KSAB. Välkommen till oss för en provlektion i gyrokopter.


 Eclipse ELA gyrokopter
Den här gyrokoptern kan bli din till sommaren!

NYA ELA ECLIPSE Den bästa gyrokoptern på marknaden. Nu med sommarkit som standard!

Vi erbjuder utbildning för dig som är absolut nybörjare eller för dig som redan flyger men vill prova något annat. Vi genomför inflygning och licenskonvertering. Några tidigare elever flyger faktiskt Boeing 737 som yrke.

PROVFLYG Gyrokopter hos oss. Ring eller maila för mer information. Priset är 1500 kr.

Om du funderar på att köpa en gyrokopter eller helikopter kan vi erbjuda dig flera alternativ. De gyrokoptrar som vi förordar är den spanska gyron ELA. ELA finns i fyra olika modeller allt från den enkla Juniormodellen till den fullutrustade ELA 07S med Turbomotor.

Helikopter Ultralätt Dynali H3 från Belgien
Vi är stolta över att kunna presentera Dynali helikopter. En ultralätt helikopter som finns i två versioner. En med max totalvikt på 450 kg och en med max totalvikt på 700 kg. Både otroligt läckra, välbyggda och beprövade. Priset är en tredjedel av vad en Robinson R22 kostar. Valet är ditt!

Tveka inte att kontakta oss för att ta reda på mer om hur du blir en pilot med en egen gyrokopter eller helikopter.


  • I have a colorful poster - hanging prominently on the hangar wall .. with the IMSAFE pilot checklist ... to remind me to review my own status prior to flight ... as well as the machine's! :boink: It's provoked the odd "chuckle" & comment from visiting pilots ... from time to time! :rolleyes:...

  • In discussing how my flight instructor routinely drills me on possible engine out occurrences my son (college educated) asked me why sport aircraft (in particular) experience as many as they actually do. He noted that he has never had an automobile engine just up and quit for no reason (except when...

  • http://hitech.newsru.com/article/30mar2015/sheepdrone

  • was doing a little surfing and found this web site http://www.libertypultrusions.com/ would be interesting if it was cheaper but stronger than alum.

  • Today, during Marion Springers Birthday Party, we were informed by Moe Rascon that Chapter 1 member Darryl Saleeby passed away. He had been battling an illness and passed about 3 weeks ago. Moe was informed by Darryl’s wife of his passing. Our condolences go out to his family.

  • Greetings, It's been so long since I have done so, but I have forgot how to embed a YouTube video on the forum (not just post the link). For the life of me I can't find instructions or figure it out. I would very much appreciate some instruction. Thank you.

  • Who all is around the middle Ga. area. I live in Lizella and would like to come out and look at your gyros. Ken

  • Hello, here it is again, last year's statistics: Again for the non regular reader: In Europe we have a deregulated class called Ultralights or Microlights which has to have an MTOW of less than 450 kg (992 lbs). Apparently we have a gyro-nut mole in the ESA who, let an exception slip into the...

  • I think I have mad up my mind to build the Taggart Gyro-Bee, but I have a question on my engine of choice. The Gyro-Bee calls for a 40hp 2 stroke which will give me only about 1 hour of flight time. I am not concerned about keeping it 103 as I will register anyway. My engine of choice is Valley...

  • Ok, here's the deal and if someone has answered some of this before, I apologize. Just want to get the whole picture in one thread. I am going back and forth now between helicopter (which I have a line on) and gyro/fixed wing. I really think I may be sorry if I get a one seater and don't want...

  • I spoke to a guy who is in USA and has had several ultra lights with fixed wings,not gyros, he says you dont need a license to fly ultralites in USA, and a gyro is an ultra lite. As far as I know here in Canada you must have a license and attend ground school plus flight training.. Is it mandatory...

  • has anyone heard of Joe Souza - Bandit line of Gyros?? not to bad looking aircraft-- looks like a pod could easily be made to fit

  • sorry for the stupid question here, but besides Daniel Kocyba designs I haven´t seen any pusher tail dragger? all gyros appears to be. tricycle = pusher tricycle = tractor. tail dragger = tractor. as I understand the pusher configuration fly cleaner than the tractor and are more compact;...

  • Group, Please. Anyone have any numbers on mounting to keel measurement? Hopefully a sketch? I am looking for primary dimensions only; not looking to re-engineer. Nice stab. Now accepting all offers! Chris B.

  • Looking for a self powered rpm sending unit that is mounted few inches next to rotor shaft and is driven with a small oring with pullys on both rotor shaft and sending unit. The sender looks just like a small floressent light starter. It goes directly to the tach & poweres the tach. the tach...