till vår flygskola och flygbutik.
Lär dig flyga gyrokopter och helikopter!


aserad på Köpings flygfält är vi den flygskola för gyrokopter som ligger närmast Stockholm.


i är återförsäljare för ELA gyrokopter som tillverkas i Spanien - gyrokopterns hemland och den Belgiska ultralätta Dynali Helikoptern.


veka inta att kontakta oss om du har frågor eller önskar att beställa en offert för gyrokopter eller helikopter.
- vi finns här för dig.



Otroligt manövrerbara maskiner. Inte ett flygplan, inte en helikopter...
Det är en Gyrokopter!

helikopter ultralätt


Vi är återförsäljare för den ultralätta helikoptern Dynali som just nu sätter standarden bland UL helikoptrar.

gyro training


Gyrokopterutbildning enligt den officiella handboken från KSAB. Välkommen till oss för en provlektion i gyrokopter.


 Eclipse ELA gyrokopter
Den här gyrokoptern kan bli din till sommaren!

NYA ELA ECLIPSE Den bästa gyrokoptern på marknaden. Nu med sommarkit som standard!

Vi erbjuder utbildning för dig som är absolut nybörjare eller för dig som redan flyger men vill prova något annat. Vi genomför inflygning och licenskonvertering. Några tidigare elever flyger faktiskt Boeing 737 som yrke.

PROVFLYG Gyrokopter hos oss. Ring eller maila för mer information. Priset är 1500 kr.

Om du funderar på att köpa en gyrokopter eller helikopter kan vi erbjuda dig flera alternativ. De gyrokoptrar som vi förordar är den spanska gyron ELA. ELA finns i fyra olika modeller allt från den enkla Juniormodellen till den fullutrustade ELA 07S med Turbomotor.

Helikopter Ultralätt Dynali H3 från Belgien
Vi är stolta över att kunna presentera Dynali helikopter. En ultralätt helikopter som finns i två versioner. En med max totalvikt på 450 kg och en med max totalvikt på 700 kg. Både otroligt läckra, välbyggda och beprövade. Priset är en tredjedel av vad en Robinson R22 kostar. Valet är ditt!

Tveka inte att kontakta oss för att ta reda på mer om hur du blir en pilot med en egen gyrokopter eller helikopter.


  • Can I get some updated advice for insurance on my Sportcopter Vortex. Who are people insuring with, what type of coverages, and any insurers to stay away from. At the moment, I am a student pilot and probably will not be far enough in my training to start training on the gyro until next year....

  • I was just given a rather historic book on gyros. The AutoGiro and How to Fly It. by Reginald Brie Published in 1934 in London. Brie was chief pilot for Cierva and the introduction is written by Cierva. This is a second edition as the first was published in 1933. The book is in...

  • Alright, so this is a ridiculous concept that has been bouncing around in my head for far too long, so I need some more knowledgeable folks who can shoot it down for me. I'd like some people to help point out the flaws in the design of this theoretical "Gyro Ship". I'm working on this concept...

  • glancing at these 3 designs on different days I am not sure I can tell the difference can anyone help me .. side on they look similar, the Magni has a low extended keel and the ELA nose appears more pointed uowards at the tip ... I guess engines are 912 914, tanks in the same place, no tail...

  • If I were to buy a DSS Personal MicroBalancer for rotors ...and if I made it available to rent for 2-week periods at $100 plus shippinq 2 ways per...would many of you be interested and do you think I could count on it beinq taken care of and returned to me? I need one and they are expensive. I...

  • Hi All My wife has twisted my arm to go to Canberra, Australia this Christmas and New Year and I wondered if anybody know of any gyro pilots or flying operations in the vicinity?

  • Do you think that owners of high dollar gyroplanes may be reluctant to report issues, be they poor component design/reliability and-or poor customer service as it may reduce the resale value of the asset?? Is there any way the forum can help with this? Could there be an area where people can...

  • I'm sure this idea has been brought up before, but here goes. If power was applied to the rotor durring cruising flight the rotor angle could be less than if it was spun only by the incoming air. In a helicopter the rotor angle is forward. In an autogyro the rotor is tilted back. The angle...

  • http://tangogyro.com/index.html

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  • Have a new friend who is considering this AM13 engine. Here is a link from the company: http://www.aeromomentum.com/am13.html I guess I'm just a skeptic of companies exaggerating both the HP and weight as they claim 100 HP and that it weighs only a little more than a 912 and cost 1/2 price?? ...

  • Can anyone explain the term "collective pitch" when used in reference to a gyro plane please? I understand "collective" with respect to a helicopter with variable pitch blades but not with respect to a gyro with fixed pitch teetering head. I've flown a Robinson 22 with left hand on the...

  • Where do you guys and gals get your two data plates and where do you get them engraved?:noidea:

  • "Join Deputy Schepleng, chief pilot for the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office as he explains how Queen Anne's County came to own such a unique aircraft, how it works and the vital role it serves to protect county citizens." It presents a very good case for the cost effective use of gyroplanes...

  • Hello everyone, As a new member of PRA Chapter 35 in St Louis I was invited to a fly-in today at Sparta Community Airport and I decided to broadcast a live feed from the airport using Periscope - a new smart phone application developed by Twitter. The app allows you to broadcast live feeds from...